Office Info

Toddler Time (Under 3 yrs of age)

Our office as well as the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) suggest that the first visit should be done when the first tooth appears, which is usually about the age of one. Not only does this visit establish a “dental home” for your child – it also starts to form a relationship between the dentist, patient, and the parent. This is a great opportunity to ask questions on how to care for your little ones’ teeth beginning with their very first one.

What to expect during the Toddler Time appointment
We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time to complete all necessary paperwork, as it also gives your little one time to explore and play in our 2-story indoor submarine. At this visit, you will be invited to come back with your child. The doctor will perform a complete dental exam and answer any questions you may have. The dental assistant will go over proper brushing and gum care.

New Patient Appointment (3 years and older)

Before your child comes in, we encourage you to sit with them and show them our office.

  • Be positive when showing them our office and tell them how fun it looks. Children pick up on any fears you may have toward the dentist. Always be POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING.
  • Show them the picture of Dr. Dan and explain how Dr. Dan will take some pictures and count their teeth with a special tooth counter and a mirror.
  • There are books that you can use to help your child understand and feel comfortable with what a dental visit will entail. Here are a few: Max goes to the Dentist; Dora the Explorer: Show Me Your Smile.
  • There are some flagged words or phrases that we ask our parents not to use around their children, such as “shot”, “needle”, “pulling your tooth out”, “drill”, or “it’s going to hurt”. These words will only cause anxiety and fear in your children.

We ask for you to arrive early to your appointment to complete all the necessary paperwork. During this time, your child will be exploring our fun waiting room filled with puzzles, books, a T.V., cubed activity centers, and let’s not forget, our indoor 2-story submarine! Once your child goes back, they will have cavity-detecting digital x-rays, a growth and developing x-ray, a dental cleaning, a fluoride treatment, and instructions on good oral hygiene. Once the doctor completes the full dental exam, the assistant will call you to the consultation desk to go over the complete exam. You will receive copies of your child’s x-rays, and Dr. Dan will come out to meet with you (since parents wait in the waiting room while their children go back).

Always be positive and encourage your child. If your child cries on their first appointment, it’s okay. This is a normal reaction when children are in a new environment. When talking with others, remember to compliment your child, no matter how your child’s first appointment went. It is very important that your child feels encouraged every time they come to the dentist. From your family to our staff, we will always encourage a positive and fun environment for your child.

We understand that at the first appointment, there is so much information that we go over; it can be a little overwhelming. So, if you ever need us to go over anything again, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Office Policies

Scheduling Appointments
Our office will always try to schedule appointments at your convenience and when time is available. We schedule young children in the mornings; typically, they do much better in the beginning of their day. We aim to always run on time. So, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early. We do ask new patients to arrive 30 minutes before their appointment.

If you must reschedule an appointment, we ask that you contact our office 48 hours prior to your scheduled dental appointment. This will allow another family to be notified of the available appointment. If the office is not notified 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule, we reserve the right to charge a $60 broken appointment fee. If (2) two consecutive appointments are missed/broken or (2) two appointments are cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, we reserve the right to not reschedule any succeeding appointments.

Do I Go Back With My Child?
We do invite you to come back for your child’s Toddler time (under 3 yrs old) appointment. For all other appointments, the children come back by themselves. This approach will build and gain independence and trust with our staff. If you would like to tour our office before your child’s scheduled appointment, we can schedule a time for you. The tours only take place when there are no patients in our clinical area.

How Are Payments Handled?
Payment is due once the service is provided. We will file your insurance if we have accurate insurance information and it is provided to us in a timely manner. Any amount not covered by your insurance company will be due once the dental treatment is rendered. Please understand the parent that brings the patient to the appointment is legally responsible for payment that day, as our office does not bill for services. We do accept American Express, Discover, Visa, Master Card, Health Savings/Flex Cards or CareCredit for your convenience.

Office Insurance Policies

Our Dental Insurance Office Policy
We file Primary Insurance claims as a courtesy for our patients if we have all your accurate insurance information before your scheduled appointment (as it does take time to retrieve your dental benefits). All estimated uncovered costs are expected to be paid once your dental services are rendered at each appointment. If you are not familiar or have questions about your insurance benefits, let our front office staff know. We will be happy to explain your benefits to you. Once your insurance reimburses our office for the services that were provided, if there is a balance on your account, we will bill you for the uncovered cost. In the same regards, if there is a credit on your account, we will send you a refund check. Please remember that our office does not file secondary insurance.

Although we file your insurance as a courtesy, you are financially responsible for any unpaid balances once your insurance company reimburses our office. Any portion paid at the appointment is always an ESTIMATE. We strive to give you the most accurate information for each appointment. Even though we receive a pre-determination from your insurance company, they will not guarantee payment until they receive your claim. If your insurance company pays you directly, please call our office to make sure your account is paid. If there is a balance on your account, we expect you to pay the balance in full within 30 days. Otherwise, monthly service charges of $20.00 per month will be applied to your account.

We will always be here for any questions you may have, and we encourage you to ask questions about your insurance coverage. However, please understand that there is no direct relationship between your insurance company and our office. We are not responsible for how your insurance company processes their claims or what benefits they pay on your policy. We will always help you by estimating your cost, and whenever possible, we will verify your insurance benefits prior to your appointment.

Helpful Insurance Facts

  • No insurance company pays 100% of your treatment. Most insurances pay between 50%-80% on average after your deductible is met. Benefits vary; some pay more, and some may pay less. This is determined by what your employer pays for your benefits, their contract with the insurance company, and which plan you choose to sign up for.
  • Our office does not determine your benefits. Most of the time, you will see that your insurance company pays at a reduced fee, and they will state that we have exceeded their “UCR” (usual, customary, or reasonable fees). This only means that our fees are not the same. It does not mean that our fees are unreasonable. This is not accurate and very misleading. Insurance companies use their own fee schedules. These fees are almost always way below any dental office fees. The insurance companies must do this to be able to make a profit.
  • Finally, the verbiage insurance companies use imply that your dentist is “overcharging”, instead of saying they are “underpaying” the dentist. Food for thought: the less expensive the insurance policy, the lower the “UCR” fees and coverage.

Downloadable Forms

You can email your completed paperwork back to us at, fax it: 727-345-6551 or just bring it with you.